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I always get my house professionally cleaned every 3-4 months. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® has never let me down. Thank you guys.

FazilaIgueva, Sunshine West

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs » Stone Tile Cleaning

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Other FAQs :

  • Q: Can I use Vinegar to clean my sealed stone floors and bench tops?
  • A: Vinegar is an acid based product and will burn or etch a polished stone surface.
    • Q: How do I clean my sealed floor?
    • A: Depending on the sealer used for the surface there are two strategies; a penetrating seal will handle aggressive cleaning such as scouring and strong cleaning products.
      A surface sealer requires a gentler approach ie soft mops, vacuum and non-aggressive cleaning products. Our operator onsite will advise you of the correct cleaning regime for you sealer.
      • Q: How often does my sealed surface need re application?
      • A: All situations are different based on use and cleaning regime employed, but as a rough guide; surface sealers should be reapplied every 3-6months in a high traffic commercial situation and approximately every 12months in an average domestic situation. Penetrating Sealers, depending on the initial application and cleaning regime 3-15years.

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      FAQs » Stone Tile Cleaning

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