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The Slate tiles we have in our dining and kitchen area had very old solvents that no other company was able to remove. The job your team did to reseal my kitchen floors was excellent. Much appreciated and recommended to others.

Patricia, Elwood

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Tile Cleaners Melbourne Stripping & Sealing Marble

We provide specialised stripping, sealing and restoration solutions for all marble surfaces

To schedule your appointment or obtain a free estimate, call 03 5410 7929 today or use our quick online enquiry form

Our services are available in all Melbourne suburbs

Tile Cleaners Melbourne® prides itself on providing Australia's best marble stripping and sealing service. Our years of experience in the field of tile and stone protection results in your marble looking its absolute best, protected against staining and deterioration for the longest possible time.

Marble tiles are quite porous and should be sealed to preserve their appearance and protect against staining and deterioration caused by everyday wear. Sealed or not sealed, we can help; our team of tile care professionals will achieve the best results for your marble tiles.

When your marble tiles begin to appear dull and start to stain easily, that means your previous sealer is wearing off and your tiles are in danger of permanent damage. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® strip/remove all necessary worn sealer from your marble tiles, restoring their fresh look using our advanced, proven equipment; we then seal your marble tiles with one of our top quality water based products.

All porous tiles should be sealed. Sealing keeps most stains suspended at the surface of your marble, creating a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination. Sealing is the first important step towards protecting your natural marble against stains.

marble floor tiles marble hallway traditional

What is Marble?

Marble is known as a non-foliated metamorphic rock, meaning it does not appear to have any layering, and has transformed from another material through heat, pressure and time. Marble ranges from between 1 and 4 on the Mohs scale, which determines material hardness, diamond has a rating of 10.

Marble has the ability to attain a very high polish, leaving the surface very smooth and with a lustrous shine. One of the features of marble is its slight translucent quality, allowing light to penetrate the surface of the stone and cause a slightly glowing reflection creating a very appealing effect. When marble is polished the natural colours are enhanced, making the stones qualities more noticeable.

Marble is a natural material and a relative of limestone which requires special care both because of its high value, and because it is unfortunately prone to scratching and staining. Marble is porous and will absorb liquids, and oils, leaving stains under the surface that can be very difficult to remove. The acidic nature of many substances around the house can instantly etch the stone. Vinegar, Fruit juice, sauces, soft drink and acidic cleaning products coming into contact with marble puts it in danger of permanent staining.

Enjoy your marble in its best possible condition!

Give us a call today on 03 5410 7929, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service can assist you with all your questions and bookings

We cover all Melbourne suburbs

marble polished carrara bianca sample

Stripping Marble Tiles

When your marble tiles begin to appear dull and start to stain easily, that can mean your previous sealer is wearing off and your marble tiles are in danger of permanent damage. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® strip/remove all necessary old sealer from your marble tiles, restoring their natural fresh look using our state of the art cleaning equipment.

No matter where your marble tiles are, Tile Cleaners Melbourne® will strip, clean and professionally reseal them for you. In your kitchen, shower, bathroom, around the swimming pool, your backyard, outdoors or any hard to reach indoor areas.

Cleaning Marble Tiles

Tile Cleaners Melbourne® are your specialist service provider for all marble tile & grout cleaning. If you need advice on how to clean your old or brand new marble surfaces and tile grout and how best to reseal your marble so it stays looking new, or need a professional to do it for you then you have come to the right place.

Different cleaning and maintenance methods should be used on marble depending on its finish and whether it's sealed or left in its natural state. In general, marble tiles should be cleaned and maintained with non acidic products and it is recommended to have marble professionally cleaned every few years to maintain their appearance and restore the fresh look once the tiles start to appear tired following regular daily use.

Marble, like other calcareous stones, is referred to as acid sensitive. Calcareous stones are readily dissolved in acid, therefore acidic products should not be used on Marble tiles.

carrara marble with black marble nero marquina

Give us a call today on 03 5410 7929, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service can assist you with all your questions and bookings

Our services are available in all Melbourne suburbs

Sealing Marble Tiles

Two main sealing options exist for Marble tiles

  • Deep Penetrating Impregnating Sealer
  • (Transparent Finish/Colour Enhancing Finish)

  • Topical Sealer
  • (Gloss/Satin/Matte Finish)

deepshield moisture marble

Tile Cleaners Melbourne® recommend penetrating water based sealers for marble wherever possible. Transparent penetrating sealers are designed to maintain the natural look and feel of your marble. Australia's Deepshield® GOLD offers long term benefits, protecting your marble surface and grout from absorbing stains for up to 15 years by chemically reacting with the surface pores to form a long lasting breathable protective barrier.

An impregnating transparent sealer once cured inside the pores of your stone will not change the texture or appearance of your marble. A penetrating colour enhancing sealer is designed to enhance and enrich the look of marble tiles.

Tile Cleaners Melbourne® are experts at applying all types of sealer and will ensure your marble looks its absolute best. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® experienced technicians can apply a topical sealer when especially required to create a high gloss, satin sheen or matte finish to your surfaces. Topical sealer is also helpful in situations where the old solvent based sealer can not be completely removed or when required to hide certain types of damage. Topical sealer's have a life expectancy of 3-5 years.

deepshield marble

You can easily test how porous your marble is by applying a small amount of water to the surface and watching how it is absorbed. You can then see how any type of water based stain can be absorbed by the marble tile surface and grout.

Enjoy your marble pristinely clean and feeling fresh

We provide specialised stripping & sealing as well as all restoration solutions for marble tiles

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, call 03 5410 7929 today or use our online enquiry form

We cover all Melbourne suburbs

Types of sealers used on marble tiles

Water based sealer's and solvent-based sealers can both be used on marble, however unless absolutely required for a specific reason we always recommend applying a water based sealer that doesn't produce harmful fumes during application and removal. Water based sealers are easier to apply and remove and also require less drying time. One of the most popular product ranges available is Australian made Deepshield™ quality impregnating water based sealer's that prolong the life of your surfaces by taking full advantage of recent advancements in nano technology, providing unmatched long-term stain resistance and reliability.

deepshield generic marble

It is important to ensure the correct water based sealer is applied to your marble tile which will also depend on whether they are indoors or outdoors as most sealer's will not last long outside due to being designed for internal use. If your marble is outdoors, it is important to use a water based sealer that is specifically designed for outdoor marble.

There are two types of impregnating clear sealer, water based sealer & solvent based. In the past solvent based sealers were more widely used as they used to absorb deeper into the marble and grout and would also last longer. Today however, thanks to new technological advancements, it is recommended only to use water based sealers, that last much longer and cause less potential damage to health and property.

Solvent based products are more difficult to apply and can create major problems when applied incorrectly as they are very hard to remove. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® recommend our clients apply a long lasting water based sealer to their marble tiles and grout. Topical sealer's (glossy plastic coating over the top of the marble) are still used on marble, but these older style sealers can trap moisture in the stone and make the surface slippery when wet. When a topical sealer wears in higher traffic areas, the entire surface usually needs to be stripped and re-sealed.

deepshield surface

It is very important to ensure that tiles achieve their cleanest possible condition prior to being sealed. This will protect the appearance of the tile, and importantly ensure that there won't be any dirt, stains or other debris caught under the layer of sealant.

To provide the best possible protection from oil and water-based stains; to maintain the look and slip resistance of your marble and to prevent damaging moisture from being trapped within the stone, it is recommended to seal your marble with a high quality, invisible, fully breathable impregnating sealer.

Enjoy your marble in its best possible condition!

To schedule your appointment or obtain a free estimate, call 03 5410 7929 today or use our online enquiry form

Grout Colour Sealing

Tile Cleaners Melbourne® technicians are able to re-colour badly stained grout or change the colour of existing and/or stained grout. Tile Cleaners Melbourne® Grout Colour Sealing service is specifically designed and developed to rejuvenate your dirty old grout and make it look BRAND NEW once again!

mediterranean hallway with shiny marble polished tiles irregular pattern white grout lines

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